4 Reasons to Start Back to School Shopping in June

back to school

For some of us, summer vacation just started less than a month ago. So, back to school shopping is the furthest thing from our minds, right? Heck, no!

In fact, the beginning of summer vacation is when I really start to think about back to school shopping for the next school year. It may seem a little overzealous, but it works for us and really takes the sting out of back to school shopping in the fall. All of those crisp new jeans and pristine notebooks aren’t cheap! Shopping early really helps save time, makes back to school necessities more affordable, and helps keep stress levels down.

Don’t start your back to school shopping until the end of summer? Here are a few great reasons to start now!

#1. Time to Figure out What You Need

The summer is a good time to figure out what you need and what you already have for next school year. Start early, so you won’t be rushed during the process. Chances are some items, like jeans and backpacks, might still be able to be used for the upcoming school year. You might also have a small stash of extra school supplies that were never used last year. The first thing you should do for early back to school shopping is to make a list of everything that you need for the upcoming school year. As you purchase the items throughout the summer, cross them off your list.


#2. More Time for Great Sales

Keep your eye out during the summer for great sales on clothes and other back to school items for the kids. While back to school items often go on sale around the end of August, you might be in such a rush to get all of your shopping in that you miss the good deals.

#3. Stretch Out Spending

Dropping a huge wad of cash on each kid at the end of summer can really put a hurtin’ on the bank account, especially if you have more than one child! Starting your back to school shopping early, though, allows you to stretch out your spending over a period of a few months instead of a couple weeks. Pick up a couple of outfits and some supplies each week if your budget allows. Even if you don’t actually spend less, it will be more affordable.

#4. Avoid the Rush

The back to school rush in late August can be a harrowing experience! Stressed out parents trying to corral cranky and hyper kids can be just too much to handle! By stretching your back to school shopping over the summer months, you can avoid the rush and the stress. Instead of joining the stampede of back to school shoppers, you can stay home and enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation with the little ones!

When do you start back to school shopping? Are you an early bird or a last minute go-getter?