4 Ways to Raise Money for a Last Minute Summer Vacation

Are you feeling like you need to take a vacation?  Does your bank account disagree? Well my friends, not to worry, there is still time and ability to raise some money to take yourself and your family on a summer vacation to remember!

  1. Clean out your closets.  Yes, we talk about it often, but cleaning out your closets can help tremendously for several reasons.  First of all, it feels good to minimize the clutter in our houses, but also, it is easy to make some money by selling the clothes you never wear.
  2. Find a temporary job.  Go in an apply at a temp agency and check out the job availabilities.  Many of these jobs are temporary in nature. You can work for 2 weeks and have enough money for a fun trip.
  3. Recycle cans and bottles.  In my state, cans and bottle redemption is $0.10 each.  That money adds up quickly. Yeah, this is unlikely to pay for the entire trip, but it can definitely add to your stash.
  4. Cancel unneeded memberships and trials.  Do you have money going out of your bank account for stuff that you don’t need?  Maybe that free trial that you signed up for but never use? Maybe you are all stocked up on makeup, but don’t need anymore.  Time to put a stop to it and get some money built back up. I recently did this and ended up with over $100 back in my bank account

The truth is, you can have a fun vacation on just about any budget.  A camping trip, a yurt vacation, or even a fun staycation and be quite memorable. Don’t forget to check out deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social to find good vacation deals. It’s not all about how much you spend, but how you choose to spend your time.