40% Off + FREE Shakes + FREE Shipping!! Start the New Year Right!

I don’t know about you, but after all those holiday goodies the past month, I’m feeling a bit…”puffy”. I’m definitely not in my best body right now! Plan for the New Year? Shed a few pounds! 

I’m seriously considering Nutrisystem to kick start my weight loss. I’ve had a couple relative lose quite a bit of weight with this program. My father actually lost around 80 pounds with Nutrisystem, and he’s even been able to keep the weight off for a while since he’s stopped using it! Losing the weight also helped him get diabetes under control as well, which means that his doctor was able to adjust his medication. 

Nutrisystem is super easy to use. Easy-to-prep monthly meals are delivered right to your door step. The meals are chef-created. They’re basically foods you already love, but made with with healthier, quality ingredients. The perfectly balanced meal plans help put you in fat-burning mode for safe, healthy weight loss. You can choose your own meals, or have random meals sent to you. 

And the best part? This new promo makes it more affordable than you ever thought! Right now, get 40% Off + a week’s worth of FREE shakes + FREE FedEx shipping!

There are a few plans to choose from. The Basic plan starts at just $9.40 per day, and is normally $438.45 per month when you order the Chef’s Choice menu. With this 40% off promo, however, pay only $263.07! That’s not a bad deal when you consider that this is a whole month’s worth of food. Plus, there’s a money back guarantee and get $30 off future orders when you refer a friend! 

Keep in mind that you’ll need to sign up for Auto-Delivery for this deal. That means your meal plans will be shipped automatically every 4 weeks, unless you cancel, at a special 35% off discounted rate. You can cancel at any time. 

If you cancel after the first 14 days and before paying for your second plan shipment, there’s a charge of $125 for the auto-delivery discount you received on your first shipment. Cancel anytime after your second plan shipment with no charge whatsoever.