40 Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend!

You’ve heard of a no spend month and even week but why not take it one step smaller and start with a no spend weekend! Wither you want to start with a no spend weekend or go big and don’t spend the whole month, here is a list of things to do that are FREE during that time!

  1. Have a picnic
  2. Hike
  3. Bike Ride
  4. See a free movie in the park
  5. Read a book
  6. Build a Fire
  7. Visit a free museum
  8. Volunteer
  9. Play a board game
  10. Host a Potluck
  11. Take Pictures
  12. Camp in your backyard
  13. Host a game night
  14. Go star gazing
  15. Garden
  16. Wash your car
  17. Declutter your home/phone or computer
  18. Play Video Games
  19. Make a budget
  20. Write/Make Goals
  21. Organize the pantry
  22. Fishing
  23. Do a garage sale
  24. Bake together
  25. Paint a picture
  26. Movie night
  27. Water balloon fight
  28. Geocaching
  29. Site seeing
  30. Visit the library
  31. Park
  32. Paint your nails
  33. Knit a hat
  34. Color a picture
  35. Blanket Fort
  36. Visit the Pet Store
  37. Plan a trip
  38. Visit relatives
  39. Back Massage
  40. Craft with your kids

There’s lots more but this should get your mind turning! From playing outside, around the house, with the kids or around the town, you can make it through your no spend time frame while making memories with your family!