6 Tips to Help You Stay Organized

stay organized

Our personalities are unique and beautiful. But even the most organized people need a helping hand from time to time. We often lead such hectic lives that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with our daily tasks and responsibilities and stay organized. But we can prevent chaos from happening and we can get things done in time by using some handy mind tricks that can help us stay organized and not waste precious time.

1. Stay Focused

Stop for a second and take a deep breath. You might feel a bit overwhelmed with deadlines, tasks and whatnot. But panicking won’t solve anything. The golden rule when you need to stay organized is to stay focused on the most important tasks of the day. This means the ones that need to be finished ASAP. You can take care of the other tasks later.

2. Take a Break

Taking breaks may seem counterproductive when you’re trying to plow through piles of work, but it really is helpful. Stop working yourself too much, and take small breaks of five or ten minutes every half hour or hour. Daydream, look out the window…forget about your worries for a second; a lot of studies have concluded that these breaks can really help you be more efficient at work. Before getting back to work, take a moment to organize a little too.

3. To-Do Lists

When you need to stay organized, to-do lists are your best friend! Grab a pen and paper and write down your to do list for the day or the week. You can manage your time and tasks way better this way if you plan everything in advance. And crossing the tasks you have already accomplished makes you feel so great about yourself.

4. Politely Say No

We often feel bad when it comes to refusing somebody or saying no. When somebody asks us for help, we are inclined to leave our work behind and solve somebody else’s problems. But when it comes to deadlines, you really have to take care of your workload and stay organized with your own tasks. Be polite, caring, understanding, explain why you can’t help the person that needs your expertise, advice or helping hand and go on with your work. It isn’t a mean thing to do; you can make it up to that person some other time when you aren’t that busy.

5. Multitasking, a No-No!

When you are incredibly busy, staying focused and organized is essential in getting the job done. So if you think you can juggle a lot of things at the same time, think twice. Multitasking is okay, but if you want to do a thing right, do it without being distracted by something else.

6. Keep A Tidy Desk

If your desk is cluttered with piles of files, folders, stationary items or generally useless stuff you really need to tidy it up. A cluttered desk can bring chaos along; you won’t find the things that you need that easily and it’ll be hard to stay organized. Organizing your working space is extremely important, so be sure to take a few minutes each day to tidy up your workspace.

Any other tips to help stay organized?