Create Affordable Goodies That Look Expensive With DIY Projects

We all like glamorous, luxurious things, but not many of us can actually afford to pay a fortune for said luxurious things. There are plenty of affordable things that look expensive, though! With a little skill and lots creativity, you can tackle some DIY projects and adorn your house, giving it a very glamorous vibe.

Decorating is basically rethinking a design, reinventing your house and this change can have a positive impact over your mind. You can organize your house in such a way that all the rooms seem more spacious and the elements of décor can fit in with a little patience and some creativity from your part.

Painting Glassware

You can buy glassware at $1 shops and paint it to look glamorous. You’ll be saving money and you can use the glassware as décor for your rooms. The guests will be impressed, and you get to let the creative side in you run loose.

Wood Etching

Wood etchings are, by far, more complex DIY projects. Wood etching is becoming more and more popular these days for all the right reasons. You can etch words or images on the pieces of wood and enjoy some fabulous designs. The handmade artist in you can truly create something beautiful and special.


Sewing sequins to simple dresses can really make you feel glamorous, and it’s one of the easier DIY projects to master. The variety of sequins can overwhelm you, but since you have so many designs to choose from, you can come up with some fantastic looks that will make you feel like a star.

Upcycling Leather

If your leather jacket or your leather pants are worn off, you can still save the leather and upcycle it. You can create leather wallets, passport holders and whatnot. It’s all up to you. Use everything that you can for your own leather working DIY projects.

Mason Jars

The craze that revolves around DIY projects with mason jars is perfectly understandable. They give a home a country look, they’re readily available, they’re versatile, and they’re cheap! You can use the jars as piggy banks, you can use them to store different spices; the list of things that you can do with mason jars is never ending.

Stenciled Stuff

There are so many DIY projects with stencils—clothes, drapes, pillows, walls…You can find the stenciled patterns online and create stencils on your own using different materials. Or you can buy them online or from shops at affordable prices. Then you can come up with original designs, being inspired by things that you see daily or things that you wish to see more often.


Organizers will always look expensive, because let’s face it; if you want to buy any kind of organizer, it will truly be expensive. What if you can make an organizer on your own? The materials used aren’t expensive, the organizers will make your life easier and your house won’t seem so crowded anymore. You can create an organizer for your files, jewels, hair pins and fascinators; anything you can think of, really.

Crafting Jewelrydiy projects

Surprising as it may seem, some of the easiest DIY projects involve creating jewelry. Supplies for jewelry making aren’t expensive to get started, and you might even be able to make your money back. Some people start a business by putting their imagination to work and coming up with some truly remarkable jewelry pieces.