HTC Bluetooth Music Streaming Stereo Clip Adapter—$14.99 Shipped

I saw this, and thought it was so cool! I must have been living under a rock lately, because I never even knew that these existed!

We have an ’09 Wrangler, which isn’t equipped with Bluetooth, so if I want to take the music in my phone on the go, I have to connect it via an aux cable. But, this HTC Bluetooth music streaming stereo clip adapter might just solve that problem. This device can be plugged into an aux outlet and it connects to your phone via Bluetooth. That means no cables or wires just to listen to your music!

This is priced at $14.99 on Tanga right now with free shipping. I’m a music junkie, so this is a pretty small price to pay for me! I also have an HTC phone, but Bluetooth is pretty universal, so this should sync up to pretty much any Bluetooth enabled device.

Check out this video to see it in action!