5 Tips for Living the Frugal Life

frugal lifeTrends come and go, and every new item seems to be so tempting. You just have got to have this dress or that pair of shoes, right? Unfortunately, this is the easiest way to end up without any money at the end of the month. You can’t afford a holiday abroad, you can’t buy a new car and on and so forth.

It’s time to cut down some costs, refrain from shopping and buy only the things that are useful and necessary for you. Go frugal, go happy. You will feel less stressed out about your finances and you can start saving money for far greater things.

Say NO to New Goodies

New goodies can be tempting, but they can also squash a frugal life pretty quickly. If you are always on the run or if you are an important businessman, for instance, a laptop can definitely be useful. But there are more affordable alternatives. You can buy a tablet or buy a Bluetooth keyboard and get the job done without having to invest too much in new equipment. Or, you can skip the latest and greatest and buy a used or refurbished model instead. If you want to save some money and not waste the ink or the paper, you can also print what you need at work, if possible. A lot of people do it; it saves them time and money. People can easily live without an expensive printer lying around the house.

The Discrepancies

Always double or triple check your bills. A lot of errors can be committed and it can really put an unnecessary dent in your frugal life and budget. If you notice discrepancies, call that company and solve things out. A lot of people paid more money than they should have because they didn’t check the bills.


You can save some energy this winter by buying different affordable winterizing products online. When you’re deep in a frugal life, it can be hard to justify spending the money, but things like door strips and plastic for your windows can really save on heating costs. Or if you want to save energy most of the time it’s time for a big investment. A sustainable home. It will take a while to save the necessary money, but it’s one great investment that will end up saving you a lot of money in the future.

Routine Housekeeping

As much as we hate it, regular house cleaning will always save us money and time. If you let the dust and grime settle in, you will be forced to buy professional products to get rid of all the mess. And they are expensive. You will also waste an entire day or even more to clean it all up. If you routinely clean the house, though it will take you less time to keep it clean and it will also cost less. And if you are not living by yourself, ask your roommates or family members to clean their own mess or designate specific tasks for each and every one of them.

DIY Recipes

Since we mentioned cleaning, DIY recipes for making your own detergent or other cleaning supplies can really be helpful when living the frugal life. Homemade laundry detergent, for instance, not only costs less per load, but it will last longer than the detergent that you usually use and it won’t be made of toxic chemicals. The same goes with other products that you use; you can go for DIY recipes when it comes to food, spices, perfume, beauty products and whatnot. They save you plenty of money and you can enjoy healthy unprocessed products.