How to Build Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem

daughter's self esteem

Raising a child is never easy and even if we talk about gender equality, girls can sometimes be more prone to awkward and sometimes dangerous situations than boys. A girl can be impacted by society’s standards both physically and psychologically. Building your daughter’s self-esteem, though, can help her become a strong woman and ward off any possible problems in the future.

A parent finds it hard to protect his girl from some bad things that happen around the world. But an important aspect that any parent should take into consideration is the focus on creating a healthy environment that will boost one’s morale and self-esteem.

Body Shaming

This is such a sensitive issue, but unfortunately it’s becoming something more and more common these days. Girls are bullied by other girls or boys in their school and it usually goes like this: a girl is too thin or too fat, a girl has short or long hair; physical traits become flaws in the eyes of bullies. And bullies are everywhere. From people that are your girl’s age to fashion magazines and television shows that seem to have a standardized idea on what beauty is. But the thing is that we are all beautiful and there’s something amazing about each and every one of us. The idea of beauty has become something superficial; it has to do with physical traits only. Try to spend more time with your daughter and explain that values and personality traits are even more important than what other people perceive about the way we look. Teaching her what real beauty is can help her better understand that we’re all beautiful in some way and build your daughter’s self-esteem.

Restrictions, Expectations and Communication

Restrictions are recommended, especially when it comes to children and teenagers. They don’t perceive danger like an adult does. But going beyond restrictions and starting to criticize or highlight your child’s fault without offering solutions can lead in time to actually lowering your daughter’s self-esteem. Don’t set unreal expectations when it comes to your daughter. Maybe she has other dreams and plans for her life. You can offer your support and pieces of advice; she’ll appreciate and love the fact she can count on you no matter what. Communication is the key. Always talk with your daughter and find out what her worries are; calm her down, encourage her, invest time and money in her dreams. Encouragement and understanding are the right tools when it comes to your daughter’s self-esteem.


Education is very important for a number of reasons. Not only will it help a child pursue higher education and lofty career goals, but it can also help raise your daughter’s self-esteem. Teach your daughter the love for books, stories, introspection, day-dreaming, responsibilities etc. A curious mind needs to be fed good quality information. Knowledge is power and it does help shape your daughter’s individuality and self-esteem, too. She will have a better understanding on how society works and she will stand up for what she believes in.

Let Her Decide

In the end, the best results stem from trust. If you trust your daughter’s judgment, you should let her decide what she wants to do, where she wants to go to college, what she plans to study, and who she wants to hang out with. The same goes with her fashion choices. Even if you don’t approve at first, your daughter knows what she wants and she can excel in anything she sets her mind to. Of course, some boundaries should be set in place.