How to Build Your Son’s Self-Esteem

son's self-esteemA lot of people confuse confidence with arrogance or narcissism, but true confidence has nothing to do with those traits. Being confident is an important, useful trait that shapes us as powerful individuals. When it comes to boys, things can get a little tricky when it comes to improving your son’s self-esteem without cultivating arrogance.

Low self-esteem can have negative consequences in time. Boys develop into men that have problems socializing or talking in front of crowds. Psychological issues can result from low self-esteem, too and even relationships are influenced. But there are some tips that can really help when you are raising your child to be a responsible, happy adult.

All the Physical Changes

Boys change their voice when they hit puberty, and that can be a huge dent to your son’s self-esteem. Some turn taller out of the blue while others are late bloomers. Either way, these changes will impact them. Girls and other boys their age can turn into bullies. All the physical changes can influence one’s mental state and self-esteem. Talk with your boy, highlight the fact that puberty is just a temporary thing and talk about society and how beauty standards are just an illusion and that everyone is beautiful.

Self Defense Classes

Unfortunately, bullying comes in many shapes. Bullying can be verbal abuse but it can also include physical violence. When it comes to physical violence, boys seem to be more targeted than girls. This is why you should consider signing your son up for some self-defense classes. They will shape your kid’s body and mind and can really be a big boost for your son’s self-esteem. These classes will organize your son’s mind, he will be more confident and he won’t have reasons to be afraid of a confrontation. He will also learn that violence is not the answer, but he will learn how to defend himself in a confrontation.

Spending Time Together

Spending time together with your son will help both of you get to know and understand each other. You will get to spend some quality time together and have unforgettable conversations. You can tackle and explain many issues and find out what’s his opinion about many things. There’s a lot that you can talk about.

Developing Skills

As a parent, you can easily spot your kid’s natural talents and abilities. These abilities need to be developed into skills. If your son is good at something be it sports or mathematics, invest in that ability. Help him grow and get better at what he does, and it can really help build your son’s self-esteem. And he’ll love the fact that you back him up, no matter what.

Be Actively Involved in His Education

Children’s minds can be so easily influenced so it is best to educate your child with pertinent information. Read to him from an early age and he’ll develop a taste for curiosity, inquiries and the love for reading. He’ll discover a lot of things on his own and he will start having ideas that aren’t influenced by other persons. You can also check his homework and the books he is given at school and see if they are objective and pertinent enough for his young mind.