Some Tips for the New Dad

new dad

Parenthood is never easy and things can get tricky for both mom and dad. Having a baby is definitely a blessing, but being new at parenting might pose some little difficulties that can be overcome without stressing too much. A new dad might find it stressful to deal with so many changes around them. A new dad might want to offer their moral, physical and psychological support to the new moms. They want to be cool dads for their kids when they grow up and they also want to help out or spend some time with them as they grow up. But most dads feel afraid that they are too clumsy and they wonder if they should make the first step and interact more. Here are some tips to overcome that fear.

Change a Diaper

Changing a diaper sounds like such a dreadful task, but once you get the hang of it, things can end up being funny and, surprisingly, a great bonding experience. Just check the dads that posted different funny videos on YouTube to make others laugh and unwind. New moms need a break from time to time, so a new dad can (and should) offer to change the diaper, too. Besides, psychologists recommend dads to be an active presence in their baby’s life and this includes the less pleasant but necessary activities.

Get Informed

Your wife has read many books on pregnancy and as a new dad, it’s a good idea to follow her example, too. If something unusual happens with a baby, dads tend to freak out or panic over nothing but if you get informed you can easily recognize signs that pose a threat. For example, you can tell from your baby’s cry if things are serious or if it just needs a diaper change.

Take Turns

It is a well-known fact that babies don’t have the notion of time so you can end up having many sleepless nights because of crying and even just cooing. Babies sometimes are more active during the night so a new dad and mom can end up getting no sleep at all. The solution? Take turns! You can get up one night and the mommy can get up the following night. This is essential for both parents and it will help you both get the rest that you need, function during the day and feel less stressed because of this chaotic schedule.

Give the Baby a Bath

Bath time can be lots of fun! Even if you’re a new dad and terrified of giving the little bundle a bath, relax and have fun with it. You’ve got this. Bath time can be a fantastic bonding time for dads. Don’t forget the bath toys!

Be There for Mommy

During the first weeks, mommy will be busy taking care of the baby. Don’t feel bad about it; it’s the natural course of things. It’s not unusual for a new dad to feel ignored, but keep in mind that you will have plenty of time to spend some quality time with both mommy and the baby. In the mean time you can lend a helping hand to mommy if she or the baby need something, so for now, just be there.