Tips for a Less Hectic and Crazy Student Life

student life

Student life can be the pits. One of students’ biggest problems is time management—the fact that they are sometimes overwhelmed by classes, homework, part time jobs and a tight budget. Some of these problems arise from lack of planning and organizing. This brings up a delicate matter: being time efficient.

In this day and age it can get so tricky to achieve something in a timely fashion, and trying to juggle student life is no exception. Everything seems to move at a fast pace and it can get hard to keep up with changes and new lifestyles. But all of these can be overcome with good planning.

Embrace Daily Plans

Daily plans and schedules are an integral part of student life, and the sooner students learn to embrace these rather than fight them, the better. They are especially essential at the beginning, because sticking to a daily schedule will help you be more time efficient in the future. You will end up switching from daily plans to monthly ones. It’s like an automatism. Planning will eventually come naturally for you.

All the Pretty Colors

Mind tricks can be defined by so many things. For example, a lot of female students prefer to use markers, highlights, glittery fountain pens or colored crayons to create a schedule and or take notes. The colors really pop out and it seems so much easier to stick to a schedule or study notes this way. Male students usually prefer to use Microsoft Word or Excel tables. And guys use colors, too. You can choose specific colors depending on the urgency of a task; red is for strict deadlines; blue can be designated for the less important tasks and on and so forth.

Enjoying the Free Time

You don’t have to plan everything. Leave the weekend or at least one day reserved for your leisure time and leave student life behind for a bit. Or you can plan a short trip to recharge your batteries. Or just relax doing nothing or reading a book. It’s up to you. Free time also helps you deal with responsibilities and tasks better. Your mind and body deserve a break so they can function properly. Don’t skip the free time. You’ve earned it.

Estimating and Focusing on Time Limits

Try to estimate how much it will take you to finish a certain task. Be sure to take frequent breaks, so you won’t get burned out on a certain task. Time limits are essential and they help you tremendously especially when you plan on being time efficient for a change.

Memory Can Be Improved

A lot of studies show that memory can be improved using different psychological tricks. First of all, you have to realize some things. What are you best at? What do you memorize faster? Maybe your memory relies on sound or on visual triggers. If so, use highlights and colors to better memorize useful information or study with music playing. Allocate certain days for studying and stick to the schedule.

Tight Budget

Being on a tight budget can make any student’s life seem miserable. Luckily, there are plenty of discounts for students from museum fees to restaurant offers and even awesome discounts for clothes. Taking advantage of the discounts that student life has to offer can really help with those tight budgets!

Considering a Part Time Job

If you need a steady income, going for a part time job can be useful. It will help you gain experience in the work field, have a steady income and it will also look good on your resume. You will also have time to attend classes and study.

Any other tips for surviving student life?