7 Reasons Early Risers Rock!

early risers

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Or so the saying goes. There is some truth to this old saying, though. Early risers seem to have similar personality traits and they can take advantage of the fact that they wake up early in the morning.

A person who loves mornings seems to have more time for different activities. Work seems easier, house chores are done in a timely fashion and free time is not a strange concept for most early risers. Frugal living and early risers can be a match made in heaven.

#1. Morning People and Good Grades

Some studies show that morning people tend to have better grades compared with night owls. Morning people function better at school during early hours whereas night owls can barely keep their eyes open and pay attention to class or score good grades at school. Night owls function best during the night and they can’t be that productive during daytime.

#2. Working in Corporations

Night owls are often late to work. Early risers seem to be so fresh at work; they manage to do so many things; they can handle the workflow, the tasks, they have time for breakfast, they even take their kids to school and they look sharp most of the times. They seem to have time for everything.

#3. The Days Seem Longer

The day seems longer for early risers. They can do a lot of things in the morning from jogging to relaxing or chatting with friends. Night owls tend to oversleep during the morning and they wake up and do things in a rush just to be on time to work or at school. Naturally, the day seems shorter for night owls.

#4. Being Efficient

It seems that morning persons are more efficient when it comes to solving problems. They anticipate things better, and they plan and organize their lives and tasks in a logical, productive fashion. They also think of the consequences more and they have several plans for different situations.

#5. Not the Sedentary Type

Early birds often enjoy exercising, and they’re usually more active during the day. Some of them even enjoy long early morning walks and they seem to be in shape. They’re very active during the day and their sleep pattern is normal.

#6. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Other studies show that morning people tend to be a bit more optimistic than the rest of the population. They aren’t necessarily hopeless dreamers (since they are good planners they also have a well-developed realistic side) but they try to see the good in every situation and this is one of the reasons why they can solve problems easier. They aren’t discouraged by failure or stress. They keep trying till they find the solution, and they also keep their hopes up.

#7. The First Ones to Leave Work

Since morning persons are among the first people to show up at work, they are also focused on their tasks and they finish work earlier than the rest of the people. Early risers are among the first persons to leave work. This means more time for family, friends and other cool activities.

Let’s hear it for the early risers!