Quick and Dirty Frugal Shopping Tips

frugal shopping

Are you ready to make your life better? You are certain that you can cut down costs, be determined and motivated to save some money on a monthly basis without spending a fortune? Welcome to the wonderful world of frugal shopping

How can you switch from being a spender to being a frugal enthusiast you ask? The following tips will show you that there is such thing as frugal shopping done right and you can master this lifestyle and end up loving it too.

Don’t be Tempted

Set aside a certain amount of money for your regular shopping and make a list with the things that you really need. Maybe your coat is worn and you need a new one. This is the kind of scenario that frugal shopping is all about. Focus on what you really need instead of just what you want. If you see something on sales or with a major discount keep walking, especially if you don’t need that item. Why buy it? Take just the money that you set aside for shopping. Don’t take more money with you; you will be tempted to spend it all. Don’t take your credit cards with you either. Work with the money you can spend on shopping.

Nearly Expired Products

These kinds of products have major discounts. If you think you will consume these products before their expiration date go ahead and buy them. Once you get the hang of frugal shopping, spotting these discounted products will become like second nature to you.

The Healthy Choice

Seasonal fruits and vegetables will always be recommended by nutritionists for all the right reasons. They give you the necessary vitamins and fibers that your body really needs. They are also incredibly cheap and delicious if you are patient enough to search for deals and look for some amazing recipes online. You can also eat meat, chicken breast, turkey ham, you name it. Even fish is a healthy choice.

Trusted Brands for Less

A lot of people go for famous brands because they think that brands only should be trusted. The massive amount of money spent on ads and TV commercials usually make certain products famous. That doesn’t mean they are too healthy for us or the best deal. Stacking coupons with sale prices and other store promos, however, can help you snag expensive national brands for super cheap, though! If there are no coupons or deals available, don’t be afraid to try other products, too even if the brand isn’t familiar. You can discover some new products that you will really enjoy.

Always Take Advantage of Discounts

Being a loyal customer certainly pays off. Always make sure you have a membership card; it will provide you some amazing discounts in time. Take advantage of the coupons, vouchers, Flybuys and reward points that you might have. That’s all a big part of frugal shopping.

Shop The Farmers’ Markets

If you’re a big fan of fresh food, go to the farmers’ markets. It’s true that their fruits and vegetables don’t look appealing like the ones displayed in your local stores and supermarkets, but these little imperfect products are more delicious and sometimes healthier than the products you usually buy from supermarkets. And some farmers will even be open to haggling with their loyal customers.

Feel free to leave your own frugal shopping tips in the comments section below!