Why Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine

laughter is the best medicine

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying at least a few times in your life. But, did you know that we have dozens of studies that prove that this saying isn’t just a theory. It’s a fact. Laughter can turn out to be one of the best things that can happen to us and can be more powerful than any drug or therapy out there!

We are talking about relaxation, euphoria, and endorphins. Laughter gives us some solace in times of difficulty or sorrow. Laughter helps us keep our health in balance and it also boosts our creative side. This beautiful and simple human response can improve our life for the better and, possibly, really be the best medicine.

Here are some benefits of laughter that help prove that it just might be the best medicine…

Time for Some Good Ol’ Muscle Relaxation

We sometimes find ourselves laughing so hard that our cheeks, jaws, belly hurt. Afterwards we feel as if we’re floating on air. Laughter helps our muscles relax. Even our mind feels at ease, we are calmer, happier and ready to face the day feeling stronger and more confident in ourselves.

Being More Healthy

Did you know that when you laugh, endorphins are released into your body making you feel better (both physically and psychologically) and even pain free at times? You immune system will be strengthened a bit, too. Dopamine and serotonin are also released and these two chemicals are linked to euphoria and better moods.

Transcultural Psychology

There is a universal way of communicating with others by means of gestures and expressions. Laughter can quickly make any language barrier fade out. Laughter can sometimes be the best dialogue one can have with another being.

Social Interactions

Apart from diminishing the difficulties one can have when talking in a different language, laughter also represents the perfect bond between people. Social interactions can quickly leave the awkwardness behind when laughter ensues.

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

It is said that you should laugh no matter what, because someone might fall in love with your laughter. Studies show that people find smiling and laughter very attractive.

Bye, Bye, Stress and Anxiety

Since laughter gives you euphoric moods, it also helps you deal with stress and anxiety attacks better. People that tend to laugh more aren’t so stressed out or suffer from anxiety like people who tend to be more serious.

It Can Be Practiced…

There are a lot of workshops that help you get a grip on your life and learn to laugh more. Psychologists usually tend to include laughter in some of their therapies, especially when it comes to anxious, stressed or depressed people. Laughter can cure or at least make some deficiencies be more tolerable.

Coping with Things

A lot of people use laughter as a means to cope with different problems that occur in their lives. Because panicking, getting angry, frustrated or sad concerning some situations never helps; it just makes matters worse. Laughter can help us clear our minds of all the negativity and take the right decisions.

A Natural Booster

You don’t need energy drinks to feel more energized or ready for a specific activity. Laughter is the best natural ingredient when it comes to getting motivated or energized for something.