9 Vegetables to Try for Healthy Eating

vegetables to try

Not everyone is a big fan of vegetables, but eating vegetables has many advantages. This particular food group is essential for our health. Humans are omnivores, they need a balanced diet that includes both vegetables and meat based products.Apart from having low calories, vegetables give you the necessary vitamins and nutrients that your body desperately needs. You will also stay fit easier and lose the extra pounds, too. You will also feel more energized and save some money, too since eating vegetables is so affordable and it is also part of a healthy, frugal lifestyle.

If you’re looking to expand your selection of vegetables to try (or try again!), the following list is a great place to start!

1. Kale

Kale has so many antioxidants that will help you stay healthy, and it’s definitely one of the best vegetables to try. Kale is also used to prevent some cancer cells from forming. This vegetable is an important source of vitamin A. Your sight will be improved and your skin will be smoother and less drier than before. You can also strengthen your immune system by adding kale to your diet. And there are plenty of delicious recipes that include kale as their main ingredient. Try it out and you won’t regret it.

2. Beets

If you need more vitamin K in your system, add beets to your regular diet. They have a delicious taste and lower your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. You can cook, fry or use beets in soups and any other dishes. Beets may have been one of those vegetables that you despised as a kid, but you might find that they’re one of the tastier vegetables to try now!

3. Baby Veggies

Even kids love eating baby carrots. Baby carrots, radishes, broccoli, kale and other vegetables have more nutrients than the mature vegetables, and since they’re so tasty they’re great vegetables to try and add to your regular diet. Their flavors are more powerful and sometimes sweeter, and they can be used even when making sandwiches.

4. Pureed Veggies

It may look a tad bit disgusting, but pureed veggies can actually be pretty tasty. Doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers recommend pureed veggies to boost your metabolism, help you lose weight and stay healthy.

5. Garlic

Always use garlic whenever the recipe allows you to. Garlic has so many overwhelming properties. It has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It may not smell that nice, but it does taste delicious and it’s also recommended for your health. And let’s face it; it adds flavor to any dish you may have in mind. Just don’t forget the gum afterward!

6. Olives and Olive Oil

Olives and olive oil can be added to mostly any salad you may think of. And people that cook using olive oil know that this oil is among the healthiest on this planet. Nutritionists consider olive oil to be one of the healthiest fats out there. It sounds like a paradox, but it is actually true.

7. Broccoli

If you want to detox your body, eat broccoli. Broccoli also helps you deal with stomach aches. It’s also delicious, if you know how to prepare it or what veggies you should mix it with.

8. Asparagus

If you lack vitamin B, asparagus is the way to go. People that suffer from high blood pressure consume asparagus to keep their blood pressure at a fair level.

9. Spinach

Popeye the Sailor Man may have been a fine cartoon, but it’s also right about something: eating spinach is definitely one smart thing to do. Spinach has vitamin A, C and K and it can be used when making smoothies, salads or when cooking different dishes. Talk about versatility and healthy foods.