Why You Should Eat More Fruit

eat more fruitIt’s easier for most people to eat more fruit than to eat more veggies. Fruits are often seen as treats or part of some delicious desserts, since they are naturally sweeter than veggies.

You should eat more fruit because they’re healthy and have so many benefits! They help you detox and lose weight, they make you feel more energized, and they are rich in all sorts of vitamins.


Blueberry tarts, blueberry smoothies or juice; you can use fruits in so many ways. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and they enrich your memory and improve your sight.


Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, a lot of people love strawberries. If you want to eat more fruit, strawberries are the way to go!  These delicious fruit are also rich in vitamin C. If you need to strengthen your immunity system or if you want to keep wrinkles at bay, strawberries are the way to go.


The ladies love eating cranberries. These little fruit help prevent and battle yeast infections and they also help people that have problems with the urinary tract.


Potassium and vitamin C collide when it comes to oranges. The scent also has a calming effect over people, so they’re not just for those who want to eat more fruit.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples help you maintain your dental hygiene and they are also rich in fiber. It can also lower your cholesterol.


A lot of nutritionists and fitness trainers recommend eating bananas. Their proteins can also calm stomach aches.


Not many people know, but kiwis contain more vitamin C than oranges. Your eyesight will improve in time if you eat kiwis on a regular basis.


If you have problems with your digestion, you should try eating more papayas.


Say goodbye to heart diseases and high cholesterol. If you constantly eat grapefruits you will be less predisposed to suffer from heart diseases.


A lot of people associate the fountain of youth with cantaloupe. Both the fruit itself and the cantaloupe juice can help rejuvenate your skin and make it smoother. It’s rich in vitamin A.


If you want to eat more fruit to lose weight and get rid of water retention eat plenty of cherries. They also help with some kidney affections.


Regardless of their color, grapes should be consumed, no matter what. They help whiten our teeth and prevent some cancer cells from appearing in our bodies. They also slow down the stages of Alzheimer’s disease.


Studies show that plums help you with your digestion and they also lower your anxiety levels. Pretty cool, isn’t it? And they’re such delicious fruit.


You should eat this fruit during winter time. It’s rich in antioxidants and it keeps many infections at bay.


Your heart health will always be important and avocados can help you stay healthy. Their natural good fats are the best.


Are you searching for something that’s rich in vitamin C, manganese and fiber? Search no more, because raspberries have plenty of these vitamins.

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