Frugal Resolutions for 2016

frugal resolutions for 2016

After hardship, you realize that you don’t need much to be happy. You are grateful that you are healthy and that you have a lovely family by your side. Financial stability and free time are also some things we all aspire to and these two objectives can be achieved with a little bit of effort, dedication and faith in the frugal life.

Things might seem confusing at first, but a frugal life isn’t such a hard thing to master. You can start making changes immediately and enjoy the results after a couple of short weeks or months. You can even think of some frugal resolutions to start 2016 in style.

Identify Your Goals

A lot of people agree that this is the hardest part; to identify their goals. It may sound weird, but it takes a while till you manage to be true to yourself and your dreams. Then, the actual planning also might take some but you will have something to look forward to: a dream coming true. You can start making your frugal resolutions only after you identify your goals.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

Anybody can enjoy the frugal life; it’s the little distractions often keep us from enjoying more free time and more money. The sales, the trends, the things that are easier to reach can make us forget about the bigger picture. This is why we need to plan things in advance and keep our minds and energy focused on the bigger picture. You can even print a photo regarding your goals and frame it or hang it on your wall to help you stay on track with your frugal resolutions. You can take it to work or have it in your office at home. This way you’ll never forget what the big picture is all about.

Save Spare Change

Every little nickel counts, and spare change adds up. Use your spare change to buy useful little things, or sock it away for a rainy day. Frugal resolutions to send less and save more are always a good idea!

Be Practical

If you’re always on the run, you need comfortable sporty shoes. You can also go for a spacious rucksack that you can easily carry around. Save time and energy with the right equipment. Invest in more expensive shoes that are comfortable and practical and will last longer than the cheap shoes.

Vanquishing Cravings

Say no to cravings by always carrying with you healthy snacks. Dried fruits, salads, crackers, you name it. You can find some affordable, healthy products that keep you in shape and help you spend less money on guilty pleasures like chocolate and junk food.

Canned Goods

Canned goods can be so tasty and they last longer, too. You can use them as ingredients for some delicious recipes. They’re also rather inexpensive, so they should fit right in with your frugal resolutions this year!

Use Leftovers

If you buy stuff in bulk, chances are there will be some leftovers in your house. Freeze the goods so you can later cook them. It’s such a useful thing to do; it will save you a lot of money in time. This is actually one of my biggest frugal resolutions this year!

Get Ready for Winter

A lot of frugal fans can or pickle their vegetables to use them during winter time. It’s tasty, it’s affordable, and it’s healthy. If you can grow your own veggies, don’t forget to grow extra for canning and preserving.

Refine Your Cooking Skills

No one is born an excellent cook; it takes months and even years of practice. Start with the easy recipes first then move on to more complex ones. There are so many useful tutorials that show you how to cook something step by step. You just can’t get it wrong. Cooking your own food costs less than ordering it or buying it from different markets, so it’ll also help you stay on track with your frugal resolutions.