To be an Analytical Thinker: Advantages and Disadvantages

analytical thinkerOur minds are never alike. We will find similarities when it comes to our ways of thinking, but in the end the differences help us cope with life and solve many of our problems. The analytical mind fascinates everybody, and the analytical thinker is an interesting breed. The left part of the brain is more active when it comes to analytical thinking.

There are many advantages and some disadvantages to having an analytical mind and being an analytical thinker. But every type of thinker goes through life in a way that suits them best. We all have a place in this world. In the end, everybody fits in; it just takes time to find the right job and the right people.

The Social Awkwardness

An analytical thinker finds it hard to blend in and connect with others at times. They are sometimes socially awkward, or at least uncomfortable at big gatherings and parties. They enjoy their own company and they don’t feel bad when they are alone. This may be a good thing, because such minds love freedom and independence and they have a strong character.

Logical Choices

We all need a bit of logic in our lives and analytical minds have plenty of it. This helps solve a lot of problems but there is a certain disadvantage. When logic is involved there isn’t much room left for emotion.

The IT Crowd

A lot of analytical thinkers seem to flood the IT field; these people are very good with computers, numbers and tight deadlines, which are all prevalent in this growing field.

A Great Memory

An analytical thinker can usually memorize things so easily. They also love staying informed, which is why most of them excel in their field; because they’re always up to date with the latest news and they put different theories into practice to see the outcome of a particular situation. Having a great memory may not be such a blessing when it comes to social interactions. A lot of people can get annoyed if an analytical thinker keeps reminding them of the mistakes they’ve made in the past.

A Very Realistic Point of View

Analytical minds are neither pessimistic nor optimistic. Their neutral point of view allows them to see a situation in a very realistic way. This multidimensional perception helps the left brain choose the best solution for mostly any situation that might arise.

Being Misunderstood

Analytical minds aren’t good with words and social interactions. They can come off as insensitive, arrogant and rather blunt at times. Since they are at loss of words they can be easily misunderstood. Their honesty (which should be appreciated) can also sound rude.

The Routine

The analytical mind sticks to the same routine. This kind of behavior obviously has advantages and disadvantages. But most of the times, an analytical thinker doesn’t think outside the box and doesn’t take many risks. This is why they need to boost their creativity somehow in order to achieve greater things.

Dealing with Facts

An analytical thinker deals with facts. They are cynical, skeptical and they can’t rely on emotions and feelings. A rational mind can be a synonym for an analytical mind. But the lack of empathy or understanding for human emotions will make it hard for these thinkers to have long lasting relationships both in the work field and in their private lives.

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