How to Be a Gentleman

be a gentleman

You hear a lot of women saying “chivalry is dead”. You also hear a lot of men saying “true ladies don’t exist anymore”. There is some truth to it; people with common sense seem to have disappeared. The truth is that politeness, common sense and well-educated people still exist, though. If you don’t see it, you might just be hanging out with the wrong people. A man can still be a gentleman, and there are still plenty of gentlemen out there.

There are some common traits that define a gentleman. If you’re looking for how to be a gentleman, you might want to start here…

Confidence Is Sexy, Arrogance is Not

Not only is confidence sexy, it’s also timeless. It takes time to build confidence in yourself, but it’s worth it. A confident man will always succeed easier and he will be inclined to take chances more often than others. A true gentleman knows that everybody is important and that everyone should do their best to achieve their goals in life. A gentleman will never let someone else bring him down and he’ll never pursue revenge to teach someone a lesson. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, though. Step carefully, and never cross that line. If you want to be a gentleman, arrogance is not the way to go.

Looking Sharp

Everyone should cherish their body. It may sound superficial, but a healthy state of mind has to be in perfect balance with one’s perception over his body image. Looking sharp will make people respect you and give you a confidence boost. Here’s a guy that knows how to stay in shape and dress properly during any occasion.

Mind Your Manners

To be a gentleman, you must mind your manners at all times. Some guys will think your behavior is weird, old fashioned, and obsolete, but you couldn’t care less. You are happy with who you are and even ladies seem to flock around you. Those who matter will appreciate your good manners, and holding a door or pulling out a chair can really make a world of difference.

Be Responsible for Your Actions

A lot of men are afraid of taking responsibility for their actions, but if you want to be a gentleman, this is a must. Always be aware of the several outcomes that may occur when you make a certain decision. If you admit you have failed, you won’t be seen as a loser. On the contrary; this is what adults do. They admit when they are wrong and they learn from their mistakes. Next time, you’ll definitely make sure not to make the same mistake again.

Pursuing Your Dreams, But Not at Another’s Expense

It’s not about being selfish; it’s about being happy and about knowing what your priorities are. Life is short and you want to live it by making your dreams come true. Of course, if you want to be a gentleman and pursue your dreams, don’t do it at the expense of others’ dreams. Always take into consideration what your loved ones want and need as well.

Avoid Being Fake

Sometimes, even the best of gentlemen can get caught up in their little ways and forget who they really are. We all have an identity crisis from time to time. When this happens, analyze your decisions and practice introspection. Stay true to yourself and never compromise who you are. The people that really care about you will try to understand your life choices and they’ll support you whatever you may choose.

Being Punctual

This has to do with good manners. First impressions always matter so you better make sure to respect other people’s schedules and be there on time.

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