Sometimes You Just Need to Give Yourself a Pep Talk!

give yourself a pep talk

It can be tricky to give yourself a pep talk at times and may even feel a little weird. But the best motivation has to come from within. Other people can inspire you with their actions and involuntarily motivate you to do great things, but your favorite role model should be you.

Here are some useful ideas to give yourself a pep talk that can make you feel invincible, confident in your strength and motivated to achieve the impossible. You can find the right solutions, realize that you are worth it and—with effort, practice, determination and motivation—you can really make your dreams come true.

Meditation and Isolation

You have to let go for a while; let go of stress, of responsibilities and have some me time. Meditation and isolation are recommended especially when you practice introspection. This is the right moment to be true to yourself, find out what you want and how you can make things work to your advantage. Go to the mountainside, go to the sea; go to a place where you feel alone, but happy.

Specific Mantras

Think of words and phrases that are important to you. Repeat them when you’re feeling uneasy, unsure, or defeated. Think of the ultimate goal and the purpose to give yourself a pep talk. This can be fuel for your motivation.

Humor Goes a Long Way

How would you describe your sense of humor? Do you like toilet humor? Or is the sarcastic type of humor more appealing to you? Based on your tastes, enjoy a stand-up comedy show or a comedy and have a few laughs. You can also come up with some funny jokes of your own. You will relax in no time and you’ll be ready for bigger leaps to achieve what you have in mind.

A Fighter

You have made it so far; this means you’re a fighter. You also had some hard times, too. Think of challenging situations that you have gone through and give yourself a pep talk, reminding yourself that you made it before and you’ll make it now. There’s no doubt about it.

Positive Traits

Focusing on your flaws won’t solve a thing. Write down the things that you are good at. Focus on them and develop them into abilities. Then, you can see how you can improve your flaws. But for the time being, your personality traits are vital to get things done.

Be an Optimist

The victim mentality and the pessimistic thinking shouldn’t interfere when you give yourself a pep talk. A positive outlook on life and on your decisions will help you be more confident and determined to achieve what you have always dreamed of.

Notice the Small Changes

Don’t disregard the small steps you’re taking; any change for the better is welcome. Results may vary and even small victories count in the long run. You are allowed to be proud of your achievements; you are being realistic, that’s all.

Look Around

Most people you know are handling a crisis or are going through difficult times. They, just like you, wish to achieve something important in their lives. You can get inspired and motivated by others, too.