5 Benefits of Having Your Own Garden

GardenI’ve talked about gardening in the past and what a great hobby it can be for someone that is frugal, because it will enable you to spend some time outside of your home and it will also save you money. Plus, you’ll be eating food that is healthier for you and it’s fresh. If you don’t have a garden, you may want to consider starting one. I’m going to go down a list of the benefits of having your own garden.

#1. Gardening Puts you in Better Spirits

Gardening is one of those things that I absolutely love to do. I actually look forward to going outside every single day and tending to my garden. It’s very relaxing and you’re also soaking up some vitamin D. Keep in mind, most stay at home moms don’t get enough vitamin D, because we’re usually in the house. Gardening is almost like meditating and will have a long lasting effect on your mood. Give gardening a try and you’ll definitely notice that you have an increase sense of well-being.

#2. Gardening is Considered Exercise

Are you paying an outrageous price for a gym membership? Well, if you start your own garden, you can go ahead and cancel your gym membership, because gardening actually counts as a form of exercise. Gardening can actually burn as much as 272 calories per hour for a person weighing 150lbs and that’s the same amount of calories that you would burn if you walked at a moderate pace for an hour. In other words, gardening is not only beneficial mentally, but physically, as well.

#3. You Can Make Money

Do you have some extra veggies, fruits or flowers that you’ve grown? If so, you can sell them to make some money! I see a lot of people that will actually set up a roadside stand and they sell their veggies, fruits and flowers there. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you could always try to sell your produce to your friends/family or even a local restaurant that requires fresh ingredients.

#4. You Can Trade Produce With People

Okay, so you don’t want to sell your produce. Instead, you could consider trading some of it. For instance, you may have a neighbor that has chickens. If so, you may be able to trade some of your fruits, veggies and flowers for some chicken eggs. There are also some businesses out there that will trade free appetizers or drinks in exchange for people bringing in some produce.

#5. Gardening Will Help You Connect with Others

I have found that gardening is a great way to connect with other likeminded people. I’ve even had people randomly stop by my house just to compliment me on my garden. Usually, these people will even ask if I have any produce that they can buy from me.

Do you have a garden of your own? If so, what do you think are some of the benefits of having your own garden? Let me know by leaving a comment on this post.