5 Cheap DIY Home Improvement Ideas With Big Results

In serious need of some DIY home improvement but just don’t have the cash? It may seem like a difficult task at times since it always seems that every nook and cranny needs a change or improvement. But you can find cheap yet durable home improvement solutions to the problems that you are facing without having to spend a ridiculous amount of cash.

If you feel that your home needs a makeover, but don’t wanna break the bank, there are a few tips that can help you cut down costs, have a great home and pick a design that you really like without spending too much.

1. Bye, Bye, Plain Landscaping!

The French have loved landscaping for centuries now. And for all the right reasons. If you think that your house is missing something, you can buy some pots, plant herbs, spices and flowers and enjoy some cool landscaping. Your front porch will look different and it will smell nicer, too. The great thing is that these things don’t cost too much either.

2. Play with the Elements

If you like symbolism or you enjoy recreating different popular things, here’s one cool and cheap home improvement idea to consider. You can use all the space around your house and grow a beautiful garden. You can have a modern fire pit in your back garden surrounded by eye catchy stones or other elements of décor. You can also add a little fountain to the mix. You can hang pots with plants on the porch and plant tomatoes, potatoes and anything that you desire in your garden. It’s a pretty nice way to sum up all the elements. There are many DIY home improvement tutorials on how you can build fire pits and artificial ponds or fountains. They take time and diligence, but the materials used aren’t so expensive.

3. Paint ALL the Things!

A lot of home improvements start with paint. Pay extra attention when choosing the colors, and choose colors that you love. Take some inspiration from other DIY home improvement gurus to help you find out how a certain color looks like in a home. Remember that you have to live in those rooms, like the colors and embrace the makeover, so choose wisely. The right wall color can really make a difference and it can help the house look as if it’s brand new. Wood furniture can also be upcycled using spray paint. Spray paint comes in so many different colors and textures that will help your furniture either look vintage, minimalist or modern. You can also buy different elements of décor from thrift stores to match your “new” furniture.

4. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are cheaper than paint but they are just as efficient. This cheap DIY home improvement can save you time and money, and such a small investment can make all the difference! You just have to pick a wall sticker and place it anywhere you want to. And there are plenty of cool colors, patterns and designs that you can choose from. Some shops can even personalize or create new wall stickers based on your instructions.

5. Update Window Treatments

Putting up new curtains is a simple and super cheap DIY home improvement project that you can complete in no time at all. If the prices on curtains at your local store give you sticker shock, think outside the box. Thrift stores often carry used curtains for a fraction of the price of retail, or you can fashion some pretty nice curtains from flat sheets, which can also be found for next to nothing at thrift stores!

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