$5 Credit to Deal Pulp

Dealpulp is the new kid in town as far as daily deal/flash sales sites.  On Thursday I shared with you  a deal this site had on a Target E-Gift Card.  Unfortunately, Deal Pulp got overwhelmed by the response to the offer and decided to pull the $5 credit it was offering at the time.  Well, Dealpulp is now claiming it was all caused by a “glitch” (rolling my eyes here) and the $5 credit is available again.

Anyway if you think you would want to give this daily deal site a try, you can add a $5 credit to your account right now.  Just sign up for a new account here.  That way, in case they have another hot deal you will already have the credit in your account and you won’t be subject to another “glitch.”

If you were some of the ones that did not get their $5 credit on Friday due to this “glitch” you can contact Dealpulp and tell them you did not get your credit and if they can honor their offer.