5 Decisions to Make to Cut Costs

cut costsGiving frugal living a chance can bring you a lot of advantages in time. You will end up learning new tricks and finding new solutions to cut costs, and saving money won’t seem so hard anymore. You will get to buy the things you really need or even invest money in a business or for retirement. It’s all up to you.

Cutting costs is a very personal process. It all depends on your budget, habits, bills, debts, and lifestyle. Your goal is to cut costs, minimize the purchases and save a particular amount of money on a monthly basis.

Here are a few great ways to cut costs and dive into a frugal living lifestyle…

1. Driving a Car to Work vs. Public Transportation

Who doesn’t like comfort? But comfort sometimes costs too much. Try using your car only for grocery shopping or for trips. Pick public transportation or walk any other time; it’s fast and it helps you avoid traffic jams (the subway, for example). Not to mention, you will definitely cut costs and end up saving loads of money.

2. Ordering Food vs. Cooking

It is okay to order food from time to time, particularly when you are so tired that you just can’t find the necessary resources to stay for hours in the kitchen and cook a delicious meal. Ordering food on a regular basis, though, will cost you a lot of bucks. Cooking can be such a cool activity, especially when you find affordable recipes that are easy to follow, don’t require expensive ingredients, and don’t take too long to be ready. If you order out often, Making freezer meals ahead of time can also help you save time and frustration on those days that you’re just too tired to cook as well as help you cut costs!

3. Continue Paying More vs. Shopping for Interest Rates

There are plenty of programs that are designed to help you refinance your car or bank and take advantage of lower interest rates. Contact your bank and see what it can offer for you if you’re looking for ways to cut costs. In fact, contact several banks till you find an attractive, more affordable interest rate.

4. Using Standard Bulbs vs. Energy Efficient Bulbs

If you want something that lasts for years, consider buying energy efficient light bulbs to cut costs. They huge energy saver, and they’ll save you the money and trouble to constantly buy bulbs on a weekly or monthly basis.

5. Paying for Fun vs. Free or Cheap Activities

Any stage in our life is interesting and different than the last one. What we find entertaining today we might find boring the next day and on and so forth. Entertainment is often associated with costly activities such as various club memberships, expensive travels or services. But there is a different side of entertainment; the one you make, the one you rethink and recreate. You can have fun without paying a lot of money. You can create different things using your skills, you can visit places even if you’re on a budget, you can find discounts to enjoy your favorite activities; it takes a little planning in advance but it’s worth it.


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