5 Fun Beach Activities for Kids

It’s summer time and the beach is a popular destination. Our kids absolutely LOVE the beach. They love the sand and surfing and swimming. There are so many fun things that you can do with all ages. Here are just a few that you can enjoy that should keep them busy.

  1. Spell Words with Sticks in the Sand. This is one of my kids favorite things to do in the sand.  Collect shells and make words with sea shells too. You could even make it into fun games too. Like play hang man. If kids are too little to spell have them make a pretend race track and then have the kids follow the lines in the sand. They can then play tag following the lines in the sand.
  2. Beach Frisbee Golf. Set up make-shift targets along the beach. You can use your towels, chairs, trees, or rocks as targets. Then divide into teams and start playing. You can make the targets harder if you have older kids or easier if your kids are young.
  3. Water Cup Relay. All you need are four cups for this game. Just fill one cup up with water and have the kids divide into two teams. Then each team grabs the filled cup and races down to the empty cup and dumps it in. Grab more water from the ocean and keep going until all of the kids have gone. Which cup is filled the most? Or you can time them too.
  4. Sand Castles. This is a classic activity at the beach. You can make it even more exciting if you bring some accessories like flags, or collect rocks and shells. Use them for bridges, motes or doors. Let their creativity run wild.
  5. Beach Soccer. All you need is a ball and make two goals. Get energy out by playing a game of soccer. This is super fun and when you are tired just jump in the water.

***If you want to find some affordable water toys like buckets, shovels and squirt guns, goggles or snorkel equipment, check out your local dollar store. They usually have a TON of water toys.

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