5 Painless Ways You Can Save More Cash

Save More CashI talk about a lot about saving money and I have to admit that some of my advice can be fairly tough to take in. If you want to live the frugal life and save cash, you’re usually going to have to make some sacrifices. For instance, you’ll have to pass by that new dress you see that you’d like oh-so-cute in at the mall. Instead of getting a Starbucks mocha latte, you’ll have to make your own at home and take it on the road with you. Some of these sacrifices means that you’ll have to give up on some luxuries and some people aren’t willing to do that. That’s why I’m going to list out some painless ways you can start to save more cash.

#1. Live a healthy life.

I don’t know anyone out there that doesn’t want to be healthy. There are many benefits to being healthy and saving money is one of those benefits. Now, I know that being healthy is easier said than done, but once you get in shape, you’ll be able to save money on things like health insurance. Plus, you’ll feel way better about yourself and you’ll have more energy for those days the kids have you running in circles.

#2. Look at your car insurance coverage.

Every year, I suggest going over your car insurance and look at the areas where you can save money. Do you have an older vehicle? If so, do you really need full coverage insurance? The older the vehicle, the less money you’re going to get if you’re in a collision. In other words, you may end up paying for more than your vehicle is even worth.

#3. Work on improving your credit score.

Your credit score is one of the most important money-saving factors. Your credit score will determine how much interest you’ll pay on your car loan, home loan, credit cards and even how much money you have to shell out for car insurance. So, year, your credit score is extremely important. Having a good credit score can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

#4. Get the bundle package.

Some of the most expensive bills you have to pay on a monthly basis is your Internet, home phone and cable television. However, most of the providers out there today actually offer a bundle package that will help you save money. Typically, this is known as the triple play package. Call up your provider and see if they have anything like this and ask how much money you’ll save if you bundle everything.

#5. Start shopping online.

Now, I know you can’t get every single thing you want online, but you can do a good bit of your shopping online. Typically, you’ll find much better deals online that will save you a ton of money. Also, you’ll have your purchases delivered right to your door, which will save you time and gas.

Do you have any tips on how to save money as painlessly as possible? If so, you should leave them below.