5 People Every Parent Must Background Check

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest life changing experiences a person may experience. Before becoming a parent, you may only need to worry about yourself. Once you have a child, however, all of that changes.

Suddenly, as a parent, you are worried about everything and everyone. In fact, becoming a parent can turn even the sanest person into a paranoid mess! All of a sudden, nothing and no one is safe. Parental intuition is great, but even the most intuitive mom or dad may be surprised to find out what dark secrets others may be hiding.

Many of the people who encounter your children on a daily basis—like teachers, daycare workers and nannies—have hopefully already been cleared via background checks–but, what about everyone else?

With a little help from BeenVerified, you can search in order to learn some important truths about those in closest proximity to your child. Search public records and more and run a background check on those you trust with your child.

Plus, right now you can run unlimited background checks (a value of $29.95 per search) for a 5-day trial period for only $1! Start with these five categories that every parent might consider ripe for a background check: carpool drivers, relatives that watch your children, neighbors, volunteer coaches and online friends.