5 Reasons to Get a Target REDcard!

Target REDcard

Like many red-blooded Americans, I’m a pretty big fan of Target. I prefer it over Walmart and even the dollar stores most of the time.

Not surprisingly, I also have a shiny red Target REDcard in my wallet, and I’m a pretty big fan of that too! I have a Target REDcard Debit Card, which is hooked to my checking account, but you can also sign up for a Target REDcard Credit Card. The Target REDcard Credit Card works just like a regular credit card, but you can only use it at Target stores.

Now, I understand that the Target REDcard is pretty much just a ploy to create loyal shoppers. However, it does have several advantages, especially if you’re a regular Target shopper!

#1. Get an Extra 5% Discount 

Being the frugal-minded person that I am, this discount is what initially drew my attention to the Target REDcard. Guests get an additional 5% off their entire orders when they use the Target REDcard at checkout both in stores and online at Target.com. This applies to both the debit and credit cards. This discount is applied after all other coupons and discounts have been applied. While you may not think that an additional 5% discount is really worth it, think about how much you spend at Target, on average, in a year and deduct 5% of that. It really adds up, if you’re a regular shopper!

#2. Free Shipping

If you’re like me and prefer to shop online, your Target REDcard will also get you free shipping from Target.com in addition to the 5% discount! There’s no minimum purchase requirement. Just use your REDcard at checkout!

#3. Cash Back

Getting cash from your bank account can be expensive if you’re not near a local bank branch. However, since your Target REDcard is hooked to your bank account, you can also get cash back for free at the register. You can withdrawal up to $40 at a time. Granted, you can also usually get cash back for free with your regular debit card, but you won’t get the 5% discount.

#4. Donate for Education

If you’re a philanthropic type of person, you’ll also be glad to hear that using a Target REDcard will also help your local schools. Target will donate the equivalent of 1% of your Credit or Debit REDcard purchases made at Target and Target.com to the school of your choice. Just log into your Target REDcard account online to set up charitable contributions and choose a school.

#5. Credit Boost

Using the Target REDcard credit card responsibly can also give your credit a boost. The keyword here, of course, is “responsibly“. Like any other credit card, you can nearly ruin your credit with a REDcard with late payments and overspending, or letting your bill go to collections. So, use your Target credit card wisely, and only charge what you can pay off in full.

What are your features do you love about the Target REDcard? What advantages did I miss?

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