5 Reasons You Need a Meal Plan


Do you use a meal plan?  If you don’t, then you should.  You have probably noticed that a lot of websites and talk shows talk about meal planning and freezer cooking, because the work!  There are quite a few benefits that you will find once you start meal planning..here we touch on 5 of those.

You Will Save Time

Meal planning will save you a significant amount of time in several ways.  The first and most obvious one is that you will save time in the kitchen.  No more standing in front of the refrigerator wondering what to cook.  Second, you will save a lot of time at the store, since you have a meal plan and you shop based on that.  No more strolling through the store wondering what you should grab.

You Will Save You Money

Having a meal plan will save your family 30% – 40% on your grocery budget.  It’s easier to shop with coupons because meal planning helps you make use of what you have in your panty and what you have on your list of things to buy.

No More Fights Over What Sounds Good

Are you sick and tired of the “what’s for dinner” argument?  Well, with a meal plan, you won’t ever have that argument again.  With the structure of a meal plan, the family all knows what will be served, no questions asked.

No More Rushed Meals

As a mom, I have had my fair share of frustrating, rushed meals that started with me cooking at 7pm after coming home from a game.  When the meals are planned out, they can be cooked in advance or put in the slow cooker and we can sit down and eat at a decent time of night.

It’s Healthier

If you have your meals planned out, you have less reason to drive through the nearest drive through for dinner.  Way too often I have found that when we can’t decide what’s for dinner, we just go with what’s easy and quick.  That is almost never the healthy option.