5 Reasons You Should Sign up For Amazon Prime

Unless you have been living tech free for the last decade, you have heard about Amazon Prime. If you haven’t yet signed up for Amazon Prime, you may not know all of the benefits of it though. There are countless benefits to signing up, especially when it comes to your everyday expenses.  


If you are still on the fence, here are 5 reasons you should sign up for Amazon Prime. There are even more benefits, but this is a good start.

5 Reasons You Should Sign up For Amazon Prime

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2 Day Shipping


Call me spoiled, but boy do I love that two day shipping that you get from Amazon when you order something. My husband ordered something weeks ago from another company and just got it in the mail yesterday and it made me realize how much I appreciate 2 day shipping. I am terrible at last minute shopping sometimes though, so I don’t often have days extra to wait for shipping.

Movie / TV Streaming


Amazon Prime has thousands of movie and television show titles to stream. There are also lots of great Amazon Prime exclusives (Goliath, anyone?)

Unlimited Kindle Reading


Amazon Prime members have access to thousands of books, magazines, cookbooks, comics and more to read for free.

Exclusive Deals (Prime Day, Lightning Deals and more) 


Amazon Prime members get exclusive deals like the deals offered on Prime Day, lightning deals and more exclusive deals offered to just Prime members. 

Amazon Elements


Amazon Prime members do get access to awesome deals on Amazon Elements products such as Amazon Elements Baby wipes (which are awesome btw). 


These are my personal favorite benefits of an Amazon Prime membership.  Do you have a Prime membership? What are your favorite benefits of the membership? How often do you take advantage of your Prime membership?