5 Reasons You Should Smile More

5 reasons you should smile more

Do you feel like you smile enough?  Have you ever really even thought about it?  The fact of the matter is, there is much more to smiling than just seeing something cute or funny.  There are countless benefits, both health and otherwise that you should smile more often.  We are going to focus on just a few of those.

Here, my friends, are five reasons you should smile more:

  1. You will make others happy.  It’s true, smiling is contagious.  Now don’t you want the people around you to be happy?  I know I do.  Even if I’m having a so so day, I like to “fake it til I make it” and put on the best smile I can so that others may be inspired to do the same.  As my high school coach told it, it’s all about attitude!
  2. Smiling is friendly.  Are you trying to network?  Or, are you at least trying to not scare people off?  Smiling is the easiest and quickest way to present yourself as a friendly person and become more approachable.  As someone who is trying to build up a business, I find that this is extremely important when networking.  No one is going to want to work with a grump.  Get that smile on and get more interaction from others.
  3. Smiling makes you appear more trustworthy and approachable.  Kind of piggy backing off of #2 here, but this is true.  When you smile, you are more likely to be seen as approachable and definitely more trustworthy.  Think about it.  Would you want to ask a favor from the guy scowling in the corner?  Or the nice gentleman that smiled at you when you walked in?  Food for thought.
  4. It makes you happier.  Nope, that is not just some new age hooey.  Smiling boosts your white blood cell count, which helps to boost your immune system!
  5. It just feels good.  No joke, think about how you feel when you are busy being angry with a scowl on your face.  Now think about the last big grin you had and how you felt inside.  There is something to be said for that old saying “it takes more muscles to frown than it takes to smile.”

Now smile everyone and have a beautiful day!