5 Reasons You Should Stick to Your Budget


Little boy with piggy bank on white background


I know that it can be really hard to stick to a budget sometimes.  That is especially true in the heat of the summer when we are constantly seeing photos and hearing all about our friends’ trips to tropical places or theme parks or whatever.  Or, when you are going home to another night of leftovers after receiving invites to go out to dinner. It gets exhausting and sometimes downright depressing.

You are sticking to a budget for a reason though!! You can do this and you are already doing great!  In case you need a little motivation though, here are 5 reasons you should stick to your budget:

  1. To get out of debt.  Are you tired of your mountains of debt weighing on your mind all the time?  Budgeting helps us to take our extra money to pay down our debt and being debt free is amazing!
  2. To save up for a down payment.  Are you hoping to own a home someday?  Most home loans require at least 3%-5% down and many financial experts suggest not buying a home until you have 20% down.  Budgeting your money each month is the only way to make your money work in your favor so that you can save up for such extreme things.
  3. To Save for Retirement.  I’m sure you don’t want to work forever.  Sticking to a budget helps you to do exactly just that.
  4. To catch up on bills.  Do you always run a little behind?  Are you at the point where you always pay a late fee on your bills?  Sticking to a budget will help you prevent that!
  5. Build confidence.  If you focus on budgeting your money, you will feel more confident in your financial life which will transfer over to other areas in your life as well.

You can do this!  I know you are already doing great and I very excited for all of your progress.