5 Things You Should Buy Before Summer is Over

Can you believe how fast Summer has flown by?  We still technically have over a month of Summer left though, so not all hope is lost!  Did you know that there are certain items that you should invest in during certain periods of the year?  

If you are wondering what you should be investing your money right now, here are 5 things you should buy before Summer is over:

School Supplies.  Okay, so this one is probably a given, but Summer is THE time to buy school supplies, because of all of the back to school sales.  Right now you can find many school supplies for just pennies.  So stock up now people!  With any luck, you won’t have to buy them again until next year!

Summer Clothes.  You have probably started seeing clearance racks full of Summer clothes.  That means that this is the right time to buy clothes for next Summer.  I was walking through Walmart the other day and spotted an entire rack full of tank tops for $1 each!  I stocked up for my daughter and I and now we have all the tanks we will need for laying through the Fall and Winter.

Laptops.  Studies have shown that during August and September, laptop prices drop by up to 25%.  That means that if you need a new computer, now is the time to buy!

Shoes.  Shoes are at the biggest discounts in August, likely because of all of the back to school sales.  Be sure to grab shoes for your kids to wear throughout the year at these sales.

Outdoor Furniture.  I know, I know, you are planning to put your outdoor furniture up for the season soon, but you know what?  Right now is THE best time to buy it.  I have been seeing it in stores for 50% or more off because stores are trying to make room for their Fall merchandise.