5 Things to Do to Prepare Early for Thanksgiving


Are you hosting your family Thanksgiving dinner this year? Even though the year is a strange one, many of us are looking to bring normalcy to the holidays. That’s why I am ready to start prepping for Thanksgiving already! 

I’m making it a habit of writing stuff down this year so that I am fully prepared to make the holidays as easy and as low stress as possible.

5 Things to Do to Prepare Early for Thanksgiving

Gather your guest list and any special requirements.


If you are planning on having guests over for Thanksgiving, write down the list of who all you have invited and who has RSVP’d.

Now that you have your list of guests, be sure to take note of any dietary needs. You may know the answers to this already, but it’s worth double checking so that everyone can have a happy holiday!

Plan Your Menu

Spend a little bit of time planning out your menu for your Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe you always have the exact same foods on Thanksgiving, but maybe you want to mix it up a bit this year. 

Be sure to include everything. What type of pies will you be having? What type of vegetable side dishes? Any other desserts?

Write out Your Shopping List

Now that you have your menu planned out, grab a notebook and write out your shopping list with EVERY SINGLE THING needed for your Thanksgiving menu. Next, “shop” your fridge/freezer/pantry to find what you already have and cross those things off of your list. 

The next step is to make sure you take your list with you to the grocery store! (I have been known to forget my list a time or two).

Cook Early

You can save yourself time for the holiday if you prepare some of your food in advance. Many people actually prepare their turkey the day before. Preparing other foods in advance is good too. Stuff like homemade pie filling and crusts, or even cutting up the potatoes in advance is a great way to help you save time and frustration. 

Accept offers of food/help

If someone wants to bring a side dish, say yes! Why not allow yourself a break? Every dish that someone else brings is something that you don’t have to spend time doing yourself.