5 Things You are Probably Paying Too Much For

Twenty dollar bills isolated against white background.

Do you find yourself at the end of the month wondering where all of your money went?  You are not the only one.  Many of us are left wondering where all of our hard earned money went to.  Well, chances are, you are spending too much on everyday items.  

Here are 5 things you are probably paying too much for.

Your Cell Phone.  Yeah, you know it’s true.  Cell phone companies charge outrageous fees and oftentimes, all you need to do is call and ask if you qualify for any discounts.  You might be surprised to find out that you do.  We recently called and got a discount of $40 per month simply for changing our plan, since ours was outdated.  You might also look into whether or not you get a discount for who you work for.  Large companies and governments often offer discounts as well.  My husband works for the state we live in and he gets a 15% discount for that.

Credit Card Interest.  Did you know that if you have good payment history, you might be able to talk your credit card company into lowering your interest rate either temporary or permanent.  I recently called into my credit card company and they offered me 6 months interest free.

Auto Interest.  If you are paying more than a couple of percentage interest on your auto loan, you might think about looking into a refinance.  There is often no “points” charged for this and you can cut quite a bit off of your monthly payment by doing this.

Groceries.  Most of us are guilty of this one.  Whenever you go grocery shopping make sure you shop around, don’t be afraid of generics and use coupons!  You can save 40% or more on your grocery bill just by following these simple rules.
Restaurants.  Yep, someone had to say it.  People spend so much money on restaurant bills that it is crazy.  Not only is it a huge expense, but it is also not very good for you!  Why not cook healthy meals at home? It’s better for your wallet and it’s better for you!