5 Tips When Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

I love Thanksgiving, it makes me happy having family together and the conversations we get to have. It’s a great time to catch up on life and strengthen those relationships. If you are the lucky ones hosting the big day, then you’ll know it’s quite a big undertaking. You need to think about the food, table settings, decor, and entertainment.  Hopefully these 5 big tips will help you have a successful Thanksgiving.

  1. Get ready now. If you don’t have the day planned out, you’ll want to sit down and write it out now. Schedule out time of when people will be arriving, what you will be eating, food assignments, and then take note of what how many will be coming. Take time of when you should thaw the turkey -it’s days before, so be aware of that! Also, be sure you know the times you will be cooking the rest of the food.
  2. It’s best to have more than not enough. After you have the number of people coming, then plan out how much food you need of each. It’s so much better to have more food than not enough. So go big! Leftovers are just fine.
  3. Set the table and get house ready the day before. This is a huge help to have your home cleaned and your table set the night before you start cooking. That way you can focus on the food and welcoming your guests and not be too overwhelmed.
  4. Make as much food ahead as possible or delegate. This will help you out too if you can make the pies and other items ahead of time. This will save not only time but on clean up. You’ll have a few items already make and the mess cleaned. Be sure to delegate out food too that might be time consuming.
  5. Be prepared with games or activities for kids to keep them busy. This will definitely help with noise and happiness when everyone has something to do, including the kids. You can have someone in charge of bringing activities or crafts for the kids.