5 Tips for Knowing How to do Valentine’s Day on the Cheap

5 tips for knowing how to do valentines day on the cheap

Valentine’s Day is just days away….how are you going to celebrate?  You know, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the day of love special, you just have to be creative and it can be the best Valentine’s Day ever!

  1. Get over the idea that material things equal money.  Haven’t you ever heard the song “Can’t Buy Me Love?”  It’s true.  You can’t.  Showing your love does not mean having expensive stuff or buying roses or fancy restaurant reservations.  Love is about spending time with those that you care about and finding ways to spend time together that is about just that, spending time together.  No need to spend money and be stressed out about it.
  2. Create a coupon book.  These coupon books are talked about often and that’s for a reason.  Because they are awesome!  Seriously, it’s like a gift that keeps giving all year long!  Create coupons like “One 30 Minute Massage”, “One week of sole remote control” (my hubby will love that one).  There are countless ideas that can create awesome Valentine’s Day worthy coupons.
  3. Buy smaller gifts.  Just because you don’t want to go overboard with gifts, doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a nice, albeit, small gift.  Why buy 5 pounds of chocolate, when you can buy a small box of your love’s favorite chocolate?  Why buy a giant teddy bear (seriously why?  You can’t wash them and no one has room to store those things!) when you can get a smaller stuffed toy that can be easier displayed on a desk or dresser and enjoyed.
  4. Get a babysitter and have a night in.  Okay, so yes, you will have to pay for the sitter, but the time alone will be well worth the small expense.  Order in a cheap pizza, make dinner together or have a sandwich picnic in bed, it doesn’t matter, just spend time together.  And put down your phone!
  5. Make an I Love You Because list….I absolutely love these lists.  Just create a one sheet list of reasons why you love your significant other and present them with the list on Valentine’s day.  I bet you might see a tear or two of happiness.

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