5 Tips for Saving Cash on Meat

meatIt may suck, but us couponers know that you’re not going to find meat coupons often. Unfortunately, they’re few and far between. Since many coupons for meat don’t exist, you can still find ways to save money on meat. I’m going to help you stretch your grocery budget as much as possible with today’s topic, because I’m going to list out some tips that will definitely help you save some major cash on meat.

#1. Keep an Eye Out for Discount Stickers

Grocery stores will often times discount meat that is coming pretty close to hitting its expiration date. Therefore, they’ll usually get some brightly colored stickers and place them on the meat packaging, letting you know that if you buy the meat you will receive a hefty discount. I’ve found meat that’s been marked down as much as 75%. This is an excellent deal if you can use the meat before it hits the expiration date.

#2. Keep an Eye Out for Special Sales

You should always keep your eye out for sales prices, but this is particularly true when it comes to sales on meats. Our Save-A-Lot will have some pretty good sales on meats from time to time that will enable you to save anywhere from 25-50%. Basically, you are able to pick out any five packages of meat for $15 – $20. This is a pretty good deal and I usually stock up on meat whenever it’s going on.

#3. Summer is Meat Season

Being a frugal person, you always have to know what is in season, so that way you save the most money. Well, summer is meat season, so it’s the best time to get the greatest deals on meats. Stores sell most of their meats during this period of time, because families love to cook out during the summer months. Stores love to offer great deals on meat during this time, because you need meat and they want to supply it to you. Keep an eye out for great deals and stock up on some meat, but only if you plan on using it.

#4. Cut Your Own Meat

It’s always easier to just buy the package of chicken tenders, because it’s already been cut for you, but you’re going to pay quite a bit more for it. Basically, you’re paying for someone else to cut the meat for you. It’s convenient, but it’s costly, so I would suggest just buying the whole chicken breast and then cutting it up on your own. Doing this could save you as much as $2 per lb.

#5. Marinate Your Own Meat

Just like the tip above, you’re paying for someone else’s work when you buy meat that’s already been marinated at the store. It may be convenient, but it will typically cost you as much as $2 per lb when you buy meat that’s already been marinated. Instead, you should marinate the meat yourself. Let it sit overnight and by the next day it will be ready to cook.