5 Tips that Will Help You Save Money on School Shopping


Public school buses parked in a line with doors open

I know, I know!  Summer just began and we really should be focused on what we are planning to do for our summertime plans, but the fact is, back to school will be here before you know it and for me, as a mom of 3, that means lots of money to be spent.  That’s why I am getting an early start to see how can I focus on not spending an arm and a leg sending the kids back to school.

If you are in the same boat as me and you are ready to change up those shoestring budget school shopping days, check out these 5 tips that will help you save money on school shopping:


  1. Go through closets.  I know that school shopping is just part of the tradition, but changes are your child doesn’t need quite as much stuff as you might think.  Be sure to go through their dressers and closets before you head out to shop.
  2. Start early.  While this in itself doesn’t necessarily help you save money, it does help you spread the spending out a little bit which can be quite helpful, especially when you have multiple children.
  3. Shop clearance.  Who cares if that cute shirt was technically from last year’s collection?  It’s half price now! Seriously SCAN those clearance racks for deals!
  4. Shop second hand.  Take your kids to high end discount thrift shops such as Plato’s closet or even check out the Goodwill stores and consignment shops in the nice part of town.  You will likely find some really great deals there! My local Goodwill store often sells overstock items from Target, so you almost always see brand new clothes and other items on their shelves.
  5. Shop online.  By now we all know that we can save money by shopping online, right?  Seriously there are online thrift shops and lots of other online retailers that you can shop through.  Plus, many of these retailers offer promo and coupon codes that can help bring your costs down further.