5 Tricks to Help You Stay Active in the Cold Weather

Do you find it harder to work out in the Wintertime?  Do you struggle to stay active in the cold weather?  I know I always develop a little bit of the Winter blues, whether it’s from less sun or what, I don’t really know, but I do know that I used to really struggle to exercise during this time of the year.  I have found some tricks though that help me to work out more and stay more fit regardless of the temperature outside.

If you are wanting to be able to do the same thing, here are 5 tricks to help you stay active in the cold weather.

  1. Just do it.  It may seem impossible, but sometimes you just need to push past that little voice that is telling you not to exercise and just do it.  You won’t regret it.
  2. Invest in cold weather clothes.  There are some amazing sportswear companies out there and they have awesome cold weather wear.  Invest in some and head outside for a walk, a jog or even a bike ride.  It’s invigorating in the cold weather.
  3. Turn on the TV.   Seems easy enough, right?  Great workout DVDs and workout in the comfort and the warmth of your own home. Many of these videos can be fun too!  I like these because the kids can join in and have fun being active with mom and/or dad.
  4. Join a sports league.   Many churches and parenting clubs offer adult sports leagues such as volleyball and basketball.  These are all indoor sports, but can be a ton of fun and will keep you fit.
  5. Join a gym.  A gym is definitely an easy way to stay active during the winter.  If you are concerned about the cost, many gyms offer sign up discounts and you might also consider checking into your insurance coverage as many offer gym discounts as well.