5 Uses for Contact Solution

uses for contact solutionIf you have contacts or had them in the past, you’re probably pretty familiar with contact solution. Chances are, you have some sitting in a drawer or cabinet somewhere. But what if you have a nice little stockpile of contact solution that you can no longer use anymore?

Although your first inclination might be to just toss it, there are actually a few good uses for contact solution!

1. Save your clumpy mascara.

Dried out and clumpy mascara is a bummer! But, if your mascara is still relatively new and you don’t want to toss it just yet, you might be able to use contact solution to save it. Just add a few drops of contact solution to your mascara and stir it up. It should be good as (or better than) new! If it’s still dry and clumpy after a few drops, continue to add a drop at a time. A litte goes a long way here, though, so be careful not to overdo it.

2. Make your eye shadow more vibrant.

As it turns out, there are a couple of different uses for contact solution in your makeup bag. Use a drop on your eye shadow applicator to make the colors bolder and more vibrant.

3. Tidy up eye makeup blunders.

Sometimes you go a little overboard with the eye makeup. I get it; it happens. But, you don’t have to wipe it all off and start over or even break out the greasy makeup remover. One of the great uses for contact solution is as an eye makeup remover. Just add a couple drops to a cotton swab and swipe away eye makeup mistakes. It does a pretty decent job, and it’s safe enough to have near your eyes.

4. Clean up wounds.

If you have extra bottle of contact solution, keep it in your first aid kit. The squirt bottles full or this sterile saline solution are great for irrigating wounds. Squirt it into a scrape or cut to clean them and remove any dirt and debris.

5. Replace your eye drops.

Plain contact solution for your contacts can also be used for eye drops in a pinch. This is just a temporary solution, however. If you need eye drops regularly, you should invest in some quality eye drops.


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