5 Ways You Can Use Your Smartphone To Save Money


Smartphones are so great.  Seriously, I know they are expensive and many of us tend to be too attached to our phones, but in reality, they have the ability to make life so much easier and less expensive.  That’s right, I said less expensive.  

How is it that life can become less expensive with your smartphone you ask?  Well here are just 5 ways that you can use your smartphone to save money and make your life a little bit easier:

Budgeting Apps

There are several different budgeting apps that you can download onto your phone to make your monthly budgeting much easier.  You can set reminders, keep track of your income and expenses and even give yourself warnings when your spending is too much, etc.

Some of my favorites include:

Rebate Apps

Do a quick search for rebate apps on your phone such as Ibotta and Savingstar and you can save big money on items that you are already buying!  These apps allow you to take advantage of rebates that are available for everyday items like groceries, household goods and even alcohol!

Store Club Apps

Chances are your favorite grocery stores have apps that allow you to load coupons directly onto your club card account.  Each time I go grocery shopping, I open up the app and find any coupons and offers that apply to my grocery list and add them.  Plus, these apps often offer freebies!

Text Coupons

There are countless stores that accept text coupons.  Doing something as simple as a quick Google search will bring up any text codes that are currently available to use.  I have used text coupons and codes to score deals at grocery stores such as Kroger and Target, retail stores like Kohls and Lane Bryant and even Redbox to score free movie rentals!

Price Comparisons

There is no longer any excuse to pay top dollar for anything.  Smartphones allow you the ability to compare prices on anything while you are out and about shopping.  Some stores will price match based on your comparison shopping, but even if not, you will easily know how where you can go to save big.

Have you found any other great ways in which your phone has saved you money?


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