5 Ways to Save Money on Flowers

5 ways to save money on flowers

As we discussed yesterday, Valentine’s Day is just days away.  Do you have your gift options planned? You already know that a big gift is not required to show your love, but you probably want to get your loved one something.  Maybe a box of chocolates or a card or maybe you want to surprise your love with some flowers.

But aren’t flowers expensive?  Well, yes, they can be very expensive, but they don’t have to be.  There are quite a few ways that you can cut back on the price of the flowers, but not sacrifice the quality of the flowers that you buy.

  1. Pick Wildflowers.  If they are in season, don’t be afraid to pick wildflowers.  These are my favorite flowers to get as I know they have come from the heart and you had to do more than swipe your credit card for them.  Really though, who doesn’t love wildflowers?
  2. Groupon.  Okay, so maybe wildflowers aren’t in season, maybe you live in the city away from any wildflower fields or maybe your significant others is one of those that simply don’t like wildflowers.  If any of these are fitting to you, you should check out Groupon for awesome deals.  I have seen deals from 1-800-Flowers and FTD quite often and you often end up saving 50% or more when you buy these deals!
  3. Check out Walmart.  Walmart, for flowers?  Yep.  Walmart has some super cute bouquets for flowers for very reasonable prices.  You will find roses, daisies, carnations, wildflowers, just about anything you are looking for will be there.
  4. Buy smaller bouquets.  I don’t know about you, but I appreciate one rose just as much as I appreciate 12.  I think the fact that your loved one is thinking about you is what is important.  Besides, flowers don’t live for too long so why spend a lot of money on it?  
  5. Use coupons.  Most smaller, local florists often offer coupons.  Be sure to check out your local newspapers and their FB pages too (of course).

Do you like to get flowers?  What are your tips for getting flowers in the most budget friendly way possible?