5 Ways to Thank Your Kids’ Teacher

With many kids back in the swing of the school year and many still waiting to go back, now is a great time to have a little reminder of all of the ways that you can say thank you to your child’s teacher!  

Gift Cards.  Gift cards might just be the best type of gift to give teachers.  I always buy my kids’ teachers gift cards to local coffee shops as well as Amazon and Walmart gift cards for those times when they are having to buy school supplies for all of their students.

Personalized Gifts.  Everyone loves personalized gifts.  Making a personalized coffee mug or calendar is idea as they can use it at work and it doesn’t take up too much time.

Bring them coffee.  At the beginning of the year be sure to ask your child’s teacher how they take their coffee so that randomly throughout the year you can surprise them with a coffee to start their day.  There is no need to wait until Christmas or teacher appreciation day to tell them thank you.  It can be done anytime!

Organize a gift from the entire class.  Teachers can get completely overwhelmed with 20+ gifts being placed on their desk on the holidays or Teacher Appreciation day.  Why not get in touch with the other parents of the class and ask if they would like to go in together on a larger, class gift.  We did this one and ended up buying two high dollar gift cards.  We bought a $50 coffee shop gift card and a $50 restaurant gift card.  She was able to buy plenty of morning coffees for a while, plus she was able to go out for a nice dinner with her hubby.  

Volunteer your time.  I know you are busy, but teachers can really use your help!  If you have any flexibility in your schedule, you really should consider volunteering your time to help out in the classroom.  This helps the teacher to keep things in order during big class projects.  If you can’t donate your time, consider donating food and supplies for class parties, etc.

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