5 Ways to Reuse Plastic Ketchup Bottles

ketchup bottles

I’m all about finding ways to reuse all sorts of items that would normally end up in the trash. Not only can reusing items ave you a little extra cash, but they can also help keep your trash and landfills from getting full.

My latest obsession has been finding ways to reuse ketchup bottles. Well, actually how to reuse plastic squeeze bottles of all sorts, but ketchup bottles are the perfect example! They’re readily available and generally made from sturdy plastic.

Are you looking for ways to reuse ketchup bottles too? Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found so far. I’m sure it goes without saying, but you’ll definitely want to wash your old bottlesĀ well before reusing them!

#1. Batter Dispensers

Whether you’re making pancakes or cupcakes, you can reuse ketchup bottles as batter dispensers! Just fill a clean ketchup bottle with batter and squeeze it to dispense the batter onto a hot griddle or into a cupcake tin. More control and less mess! And you can make fun pancake shapes!

#2. Paint Containers

Do the kids love to paint? If you buy your paint in bulk or make your own, you can store it in a plastic ketchup bottle. When your little Picasso wants to create, just squeeze a little out. Or, you could let the get really creative and let them go wild and create a little splatter artwork!

#3. Bath Toys

Splishing and splashing is all part of bath time fun for the little ones! Give them a clean and empty ketchup bottle for a cheap and fun bath toy. They can use it to make bubbles, or fill it with water and use it as a squirt toy.

#4. Water War Toys

As the weather gets warmer, our thoughts tend to shift to water wars. Old ketchup bottles make a great addition to a water war arsenal! Just fill the clean bottles with water and squirt away! Plus, if they get broken or ruined during the war, it’s no big loss.

#5. Mayo Bottle

I must admit that I’m a bit of a mayo addict. I eat it with everything from burgers to hot dogs to tacos! I hate using a knife to reach into a mayo jar, because your hand and the knife gets all yucky when the jar gets low. To avoid the mess and make dispensing my mayo easier, I usually transfer the contents from my mayo jars to empty ketchup bottles.

Do you have any other ideas for how to reuse ketchup bottles?



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