50+ Things to Do Outside (For Adults & Kids)

I know many of us are at home a lot more than we are used to be and for awhile it’s been great but I’m one that enjoys getting outside as well as my kids. So while we stay home and play, we’re going to take our play outside with this list of 50+ things you can do outside including water, crafting, games and so much more!

  1. Have a picnic
  2. Create a tea
  3. Read a book
  4. Listen to podcast
  5. Play a board game
  6. Do a puzzle
  7. Set the tent up and play inside
  8. Color a picture
  9. Paint rocks
  10. Blow bubbles
  11. Draw with chalk
  12. Create an obstacle course
  13. Make a hill and race cars down it
  14. Eat popsicles
  15. Play hide and seek with a toy
  16. Fly a kit
  17. Make paper airplanes
  18. Make a bird feeder
  19. Make a bird bath
  20. Make lemonade and sell it
  21. Draw a treasure map
  22. Plant flowers
  23. Catch bugs
  24. Play tag
  25. Do a scavenger hunt
  26. Look at clouds
  27. Create art with nature (glue your name using twigs, grass, etc)
  28. Make leaf rubbings
  29. Play hopscotch
  30. Play catch
  31. Throw a frisbee back and forth
  32. Jump rope
  33. Play golf in the yard
  34. Kick the soccer ball back and forth
  35. Run through the sprinklers
  36. Make bubble foam
  37. Play with water beads
  38. Go geocaching
  39. Have a “drive in” movie
  40. Wash bikes
  41. Practice yoga
  42. Listen to birds
  43. Have a dance party
  44. Paint with ice chalk
  45. Build a fort
  46. Play baseball
  47. Make shadow drawings
  48. Go for a bike ride
  49. Take a nap outside
  50. Tie-die shirts
  51. Make a time capsule
  52. Take pictures
  53. Have water balloon fight
  54. DIY putt-putt golf coarse
  55. Puppet Show outside
  56. Play follow the leader