50 Varieties of Organic Non-Hybrid Vegetable Seeds Just $27 (AMAZING Value!)

If you’re an avid gardener or you want to save some cash by putting fresh vegetables on the table each year, you might want to consider this 50 variety pack of organic non-hybrid vegetable seeds. It’s priced at $27, but it can potentially provide you with free seeds for years to come. Unlike hybrid seeds, you can save the seeds from the vegetables that you grow, replant them the next year, and they’ll grow true.

Here’s a list of the varieties you’ll receive:

Veggie List

This is an AMAZING price for these seeds, and it’s the lowest it’s been for at least a year! The price is likely to shoot up soon, though, so you’d better jump on these while you still can.

If you don’t have to room for a big garden, you might be able to plant some of these in upside down planters.