My $5/$25 Walgreens Transaction


I just wanted to share with you the transaction that I did at my local Walgreens to take advantage of the $5/$25 coupon available through yesterday.  I didn’t get to shop until yesterday and I was pretty sure that everything would be out of stock.  Lucky for me, everything I needed was there to do the Kelloggs deal and even the Skippy/Ragu deal (which I ultimately decided not to get).  I also had a raincheck for Capri Sun and Chips Ahoy cookies to get five of each for $2 each.  Thanks to reader Lisa I also found out that my store had the Back to School Coupon booklets available.  So this is what I got:

$10 five Capri Sun
$10 five Chips Ahoy
$15 six boxes of Nutrigrain bars
$4 two boxes of Poptarts
$5 two boxes of Kelloggs cereal
$6 Potion 9 Leave in Conditioner (on clearance down from $14.99)
=$50 before coupons
-$10 five $2/2 Capri Sun/Chips Ahoy Tearpad coupon
-$3 three $1/2 Nutrigrain coupons
-$1 one $1/2 Poptart coupon
-$1 one $1/2 Kelloggs cereal coupon
-$5 deducted when I used Chips Ahoy coupon from BTS Walgrens booklet
-$2.50 deducted when I used Capri Sun coupon from BTS Walgrens booklet
=$27.50 after coupons
-$5 when I used the $5/$25 Walgreens coupon
=$22.50 out of pocket

And I got $7 in Register Rewards back and now I only need to get 5 Easy Mac Cups to be able to send for the $20 Kraft rebate in the Back to School booklet. Do you see my mistake though? I have two rebates in the same receipt: The Kelloggs and Kraft rebate. In theory, I should also be able to get another $10 from Kelloggs but I was not thinking straight and mixed my purchases so that I could have more than $25 in my order. So, I have decided to go for the largest rebate, the $20 from Kraft since I only need to buy the Easy Mac Cups to get $20 not just $10 back.

So, you are probably looking at my order and thinking “Oh boy, that’s a lot of junk food” and I agree with you, it is (for one family to eat it all at once). I am only keeping the Nutrigrain bars, the cereal and the Capri sun. I always like to carry the bars in my purse for when hunger strikes with my kids. The Capri Sun I need for my son’s school lunches. I found out that I need to sign up to bring lunch for 20 kids six times during the school year. The poptarts and Chips Ahoy I am bringing to the local food bank.

I also want to thank everyone who has emailed me about the BTS and Children’s activity coupon booklets. Thanks to a friend I have been able to get my hands on one of the Children activity books and my store finally had the BTS booklets. By the way, and I don’t like to share rumors with you, but I am hearing that the BTS coupon booklet is Walgreens compromise to bringing the Easysaver catalog back. It seems stores have not been doing well and they want to bring store coupons back so they are giving this a try. We will have to wait and see if there’s a similar booklet available in September.

How did you do?

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