6 BBQ Hacks for Your Summertime BBQ

Who is planning a big BBQ (or lots of BBQs) this Summer.  Maybe you are planning to fire up the grill for Memorial Day or the 4th of July or maybe just because.  We love grilling so we fire up that grill any chance we can get.

BBQs can sometimes be a lot of work though, so any way that you can save work, money or time is a benefit!  So here are 6 BBQ hacks for your summertime BBQ that can help you enjoy that grill a little bit more.

  1. Clean your grill, with….an onion?  Did you know that onions are a natural disinfectant?  Yep.  So if you find yourself unable to find your grill brush, just slice an onion in half and wipe down the grill once they have been heated up.
  2. Add Ice.  Okay, I haven’t tried this one, but I’ve been told by more than one person that if you add one ice cube into your burger it will come out extra juicy and tender.  I will probably try this one out on my next BBQ.  
  3. Use an egg carton.  If you struggle to light the charcoal in your grill, consider using an egg carton.  Place one briquet in each of the egg spots and light it up.  This makes a great lighter, but it also keeps the briquets spaced apart perfectly.
  4. Use skewers for grilled veggies.  Grilled Veggies are delicious, but they can very easily drop into the coals if you don’t prepare.  I like to use wooden skewers on veggies to keep a good handle on them.
  5. Use dual skewers.  Whether you are grilling meat or veggies, using dual skewers will help prevent your food from falling off.  Let’s face it, one tiny skewer doesn’t always do a good job of holding on to your grilled foods.
  6. Break out the tin foil.  Creating little packets out of tin foil is a really great way to cook up some veggies and potatoes.  Be sure to coat the inside of it with cooking spray to prevent sticking.


Have you tried any of these?  What are your favorite BBQ hacks?


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